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The best shooting x RPG crossover is now up for grabs!
Rogue life
HIDEA - Rogue Life 02

Squad Goals. Counter-attack all missiles, bullets and projectiles.

HIDEA - Rogue Life 03

Never let your squad faint.

Baking (2)
Join an action-packed and exciting adventure where you shoot monsters and bosses while evading bullets, projectiles and missiles that never seem to end. Can your squad make it until the end?

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Studying 2

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  • All-new shooting x RPG crossover!
  • Kill monsters and bosses in various single player modes
  • Work your squad members to the bone in collecting upgrade materials
  • Collect different characters
  • Level up your characters from weak wanderers to elite rogues!
  • Choose from 300+ costumes - style your characters
  • Enjoy its exciting PvP battles - 3 vs 3 on the battlefield, max 12 members per team
  • Mind-blowing stages, quests and modes!

***SEASON 2 Update

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